Who I am

As a facilitator of transformation at ABN AMRO, I have grown to realize that a transformation is driven by a deep desire to connect with a part in us that we excluded before, as an organization or individual. This exclusion helped us in the past, but is no longer useful and is even painful. My belief is that deep down we all long for completeness and balance, like a simple law of nature. That we can increasingly say to these parts: “this too belongs”.

Over the past two years, I have experienced this process up close. My life quickly came to a standstill when I suffered long-term effects of a Covid infection and I could no longer shape my life as before. In this silence all kinds of things came to the surface: sadness, powerlessness over the loss of my “old life”, but at the same time the insight into how much energy it had cost me in the past not to allow parts of myself to participate. Like a beachcomber, I searched for lost parts, inspected them under the moonlight, and placed them back with a single tear.

I very much like to share the experience and knowledge I have gained around the topic of personal transformation. I do this based on Jungian psychology (with an emphasis on dreamwork and myths) and energetic perception.

In 2008 I obtained my Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology. I worked at ABN AMRO from 2009 to 2023. In addition to commercial customer-oriented experience, as part of the Transformation team, I have guided the bank’s leadership in a cultural transformation for the last 7 years. I have previously received training as a (team) coach (Aberkyn) and systemic observation (Hellinger Institute) and in recent years I have immersed myself in the theme of “belonging”, including by facilitating conversations through art (see here for more information).

In addition to my work at ABN AMRO, I have developed into a mindfulness trainer (Centre for Mindfulness) and I have completed a three-year training in energetic perception (School for Energetic Perception).

I am currently following the three-year Jungian Psychology course with Karen Hamaker-Zondag. In addition, I have followed training courses to learn the language of dreams at the JUNGacedemie in Amsterdam (Dream Work Module within Jungian Psychology), Toko-Pa Turner (Dreamtending) and Faranak Mirjali (The Way of the Dream). To delve even further into rediscovering the feminine aspect in my own life and the collective, I am following the training “Reclaiming the Mythical Feminine” with Faranak Mirjalili.