Energetic Reading

During an energetic reading, I make contact with your energy field. Through training and experience, I have learned how to read the information in your system and translate it into language and images you understand. A reading lasts one hour (please reserve 1.5 hours in your schedule for a short introduction and debriefing) and can take place both online and physically (Amsterdam West).

Costs per reading are: EUR 150,- ex VAT


In a series of 8 meetings (this can be done online, physically or a combination), I will guide you in cultivating a relationship with your dreams and interpreting these dreams. Each session is 40 minutes.

Costs for the 8 sessions: EUR 650 ex VAT


The wisdom of the myths works deeply and takes its time to unfold. The guidance of a myth takes place in approximately 6 weeks. We see each other 5 times in these 6 weeks. The first session will last 1.5 hours. The other sessions are 40 minutes.

Costs for the 6 sessions: EUR 650 ex VAT

Tailor made support

I will happily make a tailor-made program for you that suits your needs. Please contact me to schedule an intake (free of charge).