Energetic reading

As we go through life, there is an infinite amount of information (energy) available. In order to navigate as humans, we limit ourselves to the information we take in. We pick up the information that corresponds to our expectations, deep desires, beliefs and experiences. This gives us a certain image of the world, our immediate environment and ourselves. The other information that we are not immediately aware of is still accessible to us if we choose to open ourselves up to it. There comes a time in our lives when we feel the need to open up, to gain a different or broader perspective on ourselves and our environment. Often the reason is that things no longer flow in our lives, for example at work or in relationships. The need can also simply arise from curiosity, even if things are going well. When we see a broader context of what we are going through, additional options arise. In this way, we can grow in our self-awareness, often resulting in a more fulfilled life.

During an energetic reading, I make contact with your energy field. Through training and experience, I have learned how to read the information in your system and translate it into language and images that you understand. You can imagine it as a landscape that I unfold. You may feel deep down that you want to go in a different direction. By becoming aware of the landscape you are in, you then know what causes this feeling and what paths there are. This way you can choose more consciously which paths to take or decide that it is very appropriate to do nothing for a while. Sometimes I will provide information that is not yet applicable in your daily life, but that becomes relevant and understandable at a later point in life.