Through dreaming, we contact layers of information that are often overlooked during the day, because our attention was elsewhere. We are presented with this information at night so that we can again look at certain feelings, situations or choices. My experience is that we are then presented with the feelings and possibilities that we consciously or unconsciously push back during the day.

A common view on dreaming is that it is a way to process the day. On a deeper level, one could say that something in us longs for wholeness, to include again what we excluded before, and that dreams are important messengers in this. It is not without reason that Carl Jung called dreams “letters from the soul”.

Dreams often do not appear in a logical, rational or linear way to us. The way the unconsciousness communicates with us is full of symbolism, metaphors and archetypes. This means that understanding the dream requires a different quality in ourselves. When we can relate to this dream language, a fascinating, moving and very informative world opens up, that supports us in our self-development.

I can guide you in the art of understanding your own dreams. From building a relationship with your dreams (many people don’t even remember their dreams) to understanding the dynamics and meaning of events and dream figures.